You can find some more Information to a fee accommodation facilities in the following flyer:


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  1. Claudia

    Hi Laura, There is no fee to speak with our veondrs. Each veondr has their website and contact info listed for easy contact. Congrats Best Wishes

  2. RadioSky

    Hey Teri! I actually got very lucky! Ry had been trnyig to convince me to move to NC, but I wouldn’t without a job- and college athletics isn’t really a field that you can pick and choose where you want to live. Upset about me not moving, he talked to his boss for advice. His boss asked if I had my Masters, which indeed I do and in an education related field, and he got us in touch with his friend, my now boss, who happened to be looking for more instructors in the Sports Management field. My college athletics experience is exactly what they were looking for, since they were also interested in venturing into collegiate athletics as an institution.Sorry, just realized that I made that a longer response than it needed to be! We have a conference call on the first of the month, so I will ask if they are still looking for more instructors and if so, what particular fields. If you have your Masters Degree, a must to teach (not sure if thats just APU or across the board collegiately) and would be interested, I can let you know if they’re seeking additional instructors. Any particular field?~CK

  3. Ifa

    Mari, I couldn’t agree with you more! And, itseretningly, the point you make about the distinction between inter- and cross- is applicable to a number of areas of study, not only cultural studies. For example, as a professor of Communication Studies, I routinely teach a seminar that deals with both inter- and cross-generational communication, especailly as it applies to family settings. I always make it a point to spell out the difference between the two concepts at the start of each semester. My students learn to appreciate the importance of the distinction as time goes on, especially when it’s time for them to propose reasonable hypotheses about intergenerational family communication. Their hypotheses are so much better informed when they are able to grasp some of the key differences in the ways that people from different generations tend to communicate. Thanks for your well thought out post

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