blog of the day - Race Day 1

We woke up in a beautiful sunny day with almost no wind.
The first race was scheduled for 1 o'clock, but the wind was low, so we all know that it wil be delayed.

The question was for how long? One hour, maybe more?
After about one hour later, the first race started. The wind was ok and the race began like in the practice race. First K1, than K2 and last but not least K3.

The wind luckily didn't stop, so both races went like it were supposed to. From my point of view it was excelent actually.
The results were more than I have hoped for. Was this luck?

We will see in the days to come.

Conclusion of the day: great weather, great races, great day!
Gregor Ahtik
K2 - SLO 2545

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